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The Misconceptions of the Best Trucking Jobs

We have all heard the saying "He's got a mouth like a truck driver". Growing up we hear many things that steer us away or towards different jobs in life. No thanks to Hollywood, its portrayal of truck drivers, and the bad accidents we see on the evening news, it seems truck drivers get a bad rap.

Most believe truck drivers are low paid vagrant types that live on the road drifting in and out of trouble. These stereotypes I find to be humorous for I am a truck driver. I have many peers and none of them fit this profile. My peers all make $65,000-$100,000 dollars a year with trucking jobs and most of us are home everyday with our families. We live in above average homes with above average toys.

There is a truck driver shortage in this country that is growing larger every year. Every time I see someone working a menial job living paycheck to paycheck struggling to survive I scratch my head. I cant help but wonder if they have a drivers license. Because having a drivers license is all someone needs to get started and make the aforementioned money in a years time with a trucking job.

There is no need to spend hundreds of thousands on an college education only to graduate too make much less with massive debt. Most would believe that a college degree would enable you to earn more money than with a trucking job. I know many people with degrees whose salaries are not half of a truck driver.

There are many high paying trucking jobs in the trucking industry available with no need to be away from home or live on the road. I don't believe that the general public is aware these trucking jobs even exist. I know this because of the shocked looks on faces when I explain what I make, and what I do.

The greatest thing about trucking jobs vs. a regular job is the amount of freedom you have. You can't put a price on freedom of a trucking job, and you will find no other job that will give you as much of it. So the next time you see a truck driver remember this; his investment portfolio and his home are probably 3 times the size of the average American household. He has no student loans to pay back and he has the freedom to talk "like a truck driver" if he wants to!

Troy Dudenhoefer is a Top Paid Truck Driver and Author of " How to Make $65-95,000 driving a Truck... and Be Home EveryDay". For trucking jobs go to

The Misconceptions of the Best Trucking Jobs

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