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Being a new truck driver can be extremely difficult! You have a lot on your mind and it takes a while to master your truck driving techniques. It also will take a while before you can toss the map away and be comfortable with the fact that you know your way around the country. In time you will know where every truck stop is located in the entire country.

The problem is you need to spend all of your time getting your logs done right, planning and plotting trips, finding a spot to sleep, and working on your truck driving skills that you have no time to plot your trucking career.

You don't have the time to plot out your truck driving career because you are too busy doing all of these things and the break-in companies are aware of this. They know you are a new truck driver learning and they take advantage of this fact. They paint a perfect picture of your truck driving career with them and will try to scare drivers about other companies. They will spread rumors or give bad information. It's sad.

They do this because you are making them a lot of money. These trucking companies could be paying you three times what they do and still turn a profit but they don't. They pay you the minimum and charge a bunch for your benefits. It would not make good business sense for them to tell you about companies that pay 40-65 cents a mile! They keep you away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time when you can make more and be home everyday elsewhere.

New truck drivers get caught up in being new. I know this because I was a new truck driver once but I figured it out fast. There are good truck driver jobs that pay top dollar in the trucking industry and you can be home everyday like a normal person.

You can get these jobs with very little or no experience at all. I talk to drivers still working for break-in companies years later and I scratch my head. We all drive the same roads in the same weather so why should drive for less. Good luck.

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