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Changing careers is stressful for anyone and I don't care how tough or confident you are. Deep down inside you will have doubts, concerns, worst case scenarios eating away at your subconscious mind. You may start to second guess your decisions and back out of your career change at the last minute. It is the fear of the unknown that gets us, and in some cases the fear of success.

I quit my job of 14 years, full benefits, a months paid vacation, and child support obligations to take a shot at making a career change. Most of my peers thought I was crazy! I had nothing lined up except that I would investigate and go to a trucking school if I could.

I quit my job, sold my furniture, and drove my car to Wisconsin from Las Vegas to stay with family. I knew that if I stayed at my job and tried to play it safe I would not have followed through with my career change plan. I could have stayed in Las Vegas an investigated truck driver schools and investigate is about all I would have done. Sometimes you have to jump of the cliff or step into the frying pan so to speak! This way there is no turning back! The point of no return. This method will turn you into a super achiever because you have no choice but to go full steam ahead! If you play it safe you might not have the determination and motivation that you might need to succeed. Knowing that if times got tough, I could just go back to my old job, I probably would have went back in three weeks! Make no mistake, I have the best career job I have ever had but it wasn't easy every step of the way.

I was able to get into the trucking industry and get one of the best trucking career jobs that there is with only three months truck driving experience. I am not in the Guinness book of world records. I knew no one in the trucking industry and had no connections of any kind. My point is this. I did what I did and you can do it also! You may do it faster than I did it or it may take you a bit longer.

I know that if you decide to get into the trucking industry you will be able to get a trucking career job like mine in no time. Getting into the trucking industry without any help of any kind would be like playing Russian roulette with your Trucking Career.

Having a clear objective and knowing what I was after would have saved me a lot of stress, confusion, and time. I can only imagine the frustration of finding out about trucking career jobs like mine after spending years working for peanuts like most drivers do.

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