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Employment and Career Opportunities in Trucking

Despite the high oil and gas prices the trucking industry is running at record profits. In fact UPS and FedEx are growing and both announced major acquisitions in the Industry in the neighborhood of over two billion dollars. Unfortunately, the trucking industry cannot get enough drivers to drive all the trucks and haul all the product that needs to get to market.

It is estimated that by 2007 there will be a shortage of 145,000 truck drivers. And it is going to be about two more decades and until trucks can drive themselves. Robotic trucks of the future may be more of a necessity than anything else. Many immigrants who are coming over from Russia and Mexico and even the Middle East become truck drivers.

Trucking companies are now forced to hire people straight out of prison just to get enough drivers to make it all work. Some trucking companies have only a handful of people in the entire company that don't have felonies on the record. Scared yet?

There are employment and career opportunities in trucking now more than ever before. Some say this is a sign of the times and yet many industry analysts are saying that we have a crisis looming that could affect the entire economy and industrial output in the United States of America. Consider all this in 2006.

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Employment and Career Opportunities in Trucking

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