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           Truck Driving Schools - Beware Of Scams!

Students should be fully aware of truck driving school scams. Some schools offer training programs that are extremely overpriced. Students of these schools will end up going into serious debt just to pay for their training. Students also need to be aware that there are schools which are owned by trucking companies that require the students to load and unload trucks and warehouses, without pay for the company, during time when they are not attending school. This is a form of tuition compensation. Some schools will also misrepresent their business connections with trucking companies, promising the students jobs after their graduation. No school can guarantee all students a job. There are quite a few schools that offer students fast training. Those schools simply don't meet state licensing requirements, and don't adequately qualify students for truck driving jobs. The cost of tuition is naturally a major concern when selecting a truck driving school. Some schools offer several forms of tuition assistance for students, and there are some that don't. Privately owned schools may or may not meet the requirements for financial aid. Public institutions such as community colleges do meet the requirements for financial aid. They also offer grants and loans to offset tuition costs. Students shouldn't sign contracts that bind them into a financial agreement they don't understand or don't have the means of paying or repaying. There are some trucking companies contracted with truck driving schools that pay for tuition, housing and travel arrangements. Tuition reimbursement is applicable only if the students graduate, are hired by that company and remain with the company for at least a year. If for any unforeseen reason a student doesn't graduate or the newly employed driver doesn't remain with the company, accrued tuition expenses from the school then become the responsibility of the student/driver.

Choosing the best school will mean that you will succeed in passing your CDL and that you start out in your new career as a safe, dependable, and qualified driver. It is a very good idea for students to check with the Better Business Bureau or any other consumer protection agency, for complaints that have been filed against a school that is being considered. This small step can save you from making a big mistake. Knowledge is the key issue here, which will allow you to make an informed decision when selecting the best truck driving school.

There is a golden rule for students who are looking for a truck driving school, and that is to "know before you go." The task of making an informed decision should be based on your research and the process of elimination. Spend some time and do as much research and verifying as possible. This can mean making sure that the chosen school is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the state in which it operates. If applicable, choose a school that meets the demands of trucking companies that pre-hire students. A school known to go the extra mile to ensure that graduating students are successful candidates for the trucking industry job market would be the perfect school.

If it is at all possible, try to visit prospective truck driving schools way ahead of the enrollment date before deciding to attend. A well-established school would more than likely provide an informative tour for prospective students. The tour should provide a general idea on how the school operates, as well as an opportunity for intending students to ask questions, and have them answered face-to-face by staff, trainers and graduates.

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Truck Driving Schools - Beware Of Scams!

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